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Pamela JP Martin


Pamela JP Martin is the founder and CEO of PUSH Global Ministries Inc. 

and the empowering PUSH Conference Revival. Pamela JP Martin is an ordained Pastor, and Evangelist. She is graduate of the COLLEGE OF THE OPEN BIBLE and Theology Seminary. She is a published book Author, who has written countless inspirational and children publications.

Her unique, transparent and candid approach has engaged followers worldwide, provoking them to increase their faith, and walk into their purpose, believe God for the impossible. Wherever Pamela JP Martin goes, she exhorts, encourages and empowers her listeners to reach their full potential in their personal, professional and spiritual lives.

Pamela JP Martin travels throughout the United States and abroad;

speaking at various conferences, crusades, educational facilities, institutions, ministries and non-ministry events, empowering both men and women. Fueled by a passion for building disciples; Pamela JP Martin merges spirituality with the practicality of everyday life while drawing on and exemplifying the message of Jesus Christ.

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